5 things to look for in a driving school

What to weigh up before you book driving lessons

Choosing a driving school can be a daunting process. How do you know who is good? What style learner are you and who can cater to you? Who is value for money and who is over priced? There are so many questions when it comes time to finally pick your school. We’re here to help, here are 5 things you should look for from your driving school.

1. Option to Stick With One Instructor

This sounds like you’re being pedantic before you start professional lessons, but it’s actually really important. You grow a bond with your instructor and they get to know how you learn and the best pace to teach you at. If you are constantly chopping and changing between instructors it can get frustrating. They will always have to review where you’re at and take that time to get to know how you learn. This leads to more lesson time which means more money out of your pocket. Plus learning from too many people can get super confusing. Once you’ve found an instructor you click with you need to stay with them. If the driving school you’re looking at doesn’t offer this, it might be best to keep looking.

2. Option to Use the Same Car for Every Lesson

When you are learning to drive consistency is key. Every car feels different and drives differently, even if it’s the same make and model! It is far better to do your professional lessons in the same car so you can focus on actually driving not just getting a feel for the car. You should also expect the car to have dual controls. Hopefully the instructor won’t have to use them much, but it keeps you safe from the little mistakes learners make when they are first starting out. Knowing that the instructor can get you out of any sticky situation you get yourself into helps you relax during your first hours behind the wheel.

3. Well Experienced With All Kinds of Drivers

No matter if you grew up driving tractor or cars on your property, or have never even been in a car before, your driving school should be able to cater to your needs. Whether you’re terrified, nervous or ready to go the instructor must be able to teach you in a manner that suits where you are at in your driving journey. You’ll be able to tell on that first lesson too. If you’re nervous and the instructor isn’t calming or patient, they likely haven’t had a lot of time with nervous drivers…or they aren’t an adequate instructor. Feel free to ask the driving school about their experience before you get in the car.

4. Practice Tests Available

If a driving school has been around in your area for a while they will know the test routes and the test content inside out. You should be able to request a practice test before going for the real thing. Get to know the kind of areas you might be driving in and perform the manoeuvres in similar settings to the test.

5. Up to Date With All Things Driving

Rules change from time to time. Or sometimes we have questions that can’t be answered by simply looking in the road rules book. Your school should be able to answer anything you throw at them. If not, they should have the means to find out before your next lesson. If you ask a few questions and they can’t answer or aren’t able to explain in a way you understand it might be time to find a new school.

Often when you first go for a lesson with a driving school you’ll get a feel for if they are right for you or not. Sometimes the school right but the instructor is wrong so don’t be afraid to ask to try someone else. Your driving journey is all about you. Do what feels right to make sure you get the most out of your lessons. If the school has these 5 things, you can’t really go wrong!