One of the most common questions on a Learner’s mind is ‘What car will I do my driving test in?’ If you’ve already bought your own car and have been learning in it, that’s perfect! But often this is not the case. So there are a couple of options.


Do your parents have a car you could use? Maybe a close friend does? Borrowing a car from someone else is completely fine so long as you have their full permission. The car will also need to have it’s road worthy certificate, the correct insurance for a learner driver and will still need to display L plates.


Have you been taking lessons with a driving school? Chances are that they hire their cars out for driving tests. This is a much easier option because you’ll know the car you’re going to be driving and you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork that you have to think about if you borrow a car instead.

Around About Driving School always has cars available for tests. We also offer before test lessons. Of course, there is a cost with using a driving school’s car.

Car only $95.00

One hour lesson plus car – $150.00

1.5 hour lesson plus car – $165.00

Whichever way you go is fine. Just make sure you have everything organised well before test day so you can face the test without worry.

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