What Happens On Driving Test Day?



Are you ready to take your driving test? Not sure what actually happens on test day? Don’t worry! The fear of the unknown adds so much pressure to an already stressful day. We’ve got you! Read on and we’ll walk you through exactly what is going to happen.

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What to Bring

Obviously, you can’t just show up without the required documents. To avoid panic on the day. Bring the following with you.

  • A completed, unsigned licence application F3000
  • The registration number of the test car
  • Permission from the registered operator of the car for its use during your test
  • Test car must be roadworthy and display L plates
  • Proof of identity
  • Current licence
  • P plates

Before the Test

Arrive 10 minutes before the test is due to start. The last thing you want is to be in a rush before your driving test! Head inside to lodge the forms required to take the test. You’ll also meet your examiner at this point. After everything is set up and ready to go you’ll head back outside and into the car. Your examiner will give you some instructions to test that the car is in full working order before the test begins. Once the examiner is in the car this is your opportunity to ask questions. Make sure you ask everything you want to know before the test so you’re not distracted. Once everything has been discussed it’s time to go.

During the Test

The most important thing to do during the test is to remain calm. The examiner is going to ask you to perform certain tasks. It won’t be anything that you haven’t done before. So breathe and do it just how you normally would. You got this!

After the Test

The test usually lasts about half an hour. Once you’re back the examiner will take you inside to discuss your results. Listen carefully to what they have to say. If you passed, great! Is there anything your examiner mentioned you should keep an eye on? If you failed, why? What can you work on to secure that pass next time?

If you passed you will pay for your new licence, put your P plates on your car if you brought your own and you’re ready to hit the road!

If you failed. Don’t fret! Take on board what the examiner said and work on it for next time. There are time limits that determine when you can retake your driving test.

The first time you fail you can take it again the next day. If it’s your second fail you must wait eight days. For your third fail and beyond you must wait 28 days between each retest. But rather than worry about the times, the best thing to do is practice, practice, practice.

Most importantly, know that you can do this. It’s just going for another drive. Breathe, relax and drive like we know you can.

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