Congratulations! You’ve done your 100 hours and your logbook has been accepted. That’s great! But where to now? The next step is to book in that driving test. I know, it sounds scary and difficult. But honestly, it’s super easy! Plus you have options!


A quick and easy way is to book and pay for the test online. You can do that here.

Over the Phone

Like to speak with a real person? No problem! You can book a driving test and pay for it over the phone by calling 13 23 90.

Customer Service Centre

Don’t have a credit card? No problem! You can pay via cash, card or money order at any customer service centre. Once you’ve paid just call 13 23 90 to book your driving test.

Driving School

Have you been taking lessons with a driving school? Then you have the easiest option available to you! Your driving school can book your test for you! Super easy! Just let them know when you’re feeling ready and they will take care of everything…apart from the fees…you still have to pay those!

More Stuff You Should Know

Not the most elegant sub-heading, but here we are! Okay so if you are booking online or over the phone, it needs to be with a Mastercard or a Visa card. Credit card surcharges apply so keep that in mind.

The tests costs cover the booking fee so you don’t have to worry about any extra costs there.

That’s it! That’s all you need to know. Now you are ready to go and book your test in. One step closer to having your P-plates!

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