Something most learners can’t wait to jump into is booking a driving lesson. That passion and excitement is great! But what should you look for before booking that first lesson? Let’s see.

  • Check Your Theory Knowledge

Yes, we know you just did a theory test and passed. That’s great! But it’s actually quite a big leap to go from looking at pictures of cars and knowing what to do, to looking through the windscreen at cars and knowing what to do. A great way to check your knowledge is to think of yourself as the driver while you’re in the car and not driving. Look at what is happening and try to think about what you would do if you were driving. Did it match what the driver did?

Having a strong grasp on your theory before booking a driving lesson allows you to focus on the practical task at hand without constantly reviewing the road rules. If you do forget though, don’t worry! Your instructor will be there to keep you right.

  • Have Your Logbook Ready

You cannot go on a driving lesson without your logbook. Your first 10 hours with a professional instructor are tripled. But they need to be put straight into the logbook to count! Make sure you either have the physical book with you or have yourself set up on the app so you don’t waste precious lesson time fumbling through to get sorted.

  • Think of Questions Before You Go

It’s natural to be nervous during a driving lesson, or even when you’re booking a driving lesson! If there’s anything you’d like to know before you book make sure you ask. If you’ve booked in and there are things you’d like to ask, go over them before the lesson so they are fresh in your mind. Your questions are important but it’s easy to forget what you wanted to ask while focusing on driving!

Probably the most important thing to look for before booking a driving lesson is that you feel ready. Nerves are normal, but don’t rush into it if you don’t feel right about it. Some people go straight from the theory test and into the car. Others like to take some time to prepare themselves for being behind the wheel. Both options are okay!

Whenever you are ready to book a driving lesson we’ll be here for you.

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