Getting your learner’s licence is a big step in anyone’s life! If you’re reading this then you’re almost ready to take that step too. Congratulations! It might seem like a long and difficult process to finally get permission to take to the road, but it’s really not that bad. Allow us to walk you through. You’ll be behind the wheel in no time!

Step One: Turn 16.

This is probably the easiest step!

Step Two: Study the road rules.

Sorry to break it to you. But to get your learner’s licence you’re going to need to do some reading. But don’t worry this book is interesting. While you read remember that soon you’ll be doing exactly what is says in a real car! Not sure where to find the road rules? No problem. The Queensland Government have put together and an amazing little book that will cover all you need to know. You can download it here.

Step Three: Practice, Practice, Practice.

Think you’ve mastered the road rules? Great! Check your knowledge and prepare for test day by taking practice tests. You can take a practice test here.

Step Four: Take the test.

The written road rules test can be taken at any Transport and Motoring Customer Service Centre. There are lots of them around. If you’re unsure a quick Google search will show your closest centre.

What To Bring

When you’re ready to try for your leaner’s licence you’ll need to bring a number of things with you.

  1. A completed, unsigned driver licence application F3000. These are available at the centre so arrive a little early to fill this one out while you wait.
  2. Proof of identity. Your school ID card or passport work for this.
  3. Written roads test fee, $23.90.
  4. Learner’s licence fee, $166.10. This licence is valid for three years.

What You Need to Know

The test consists of 30 questions. 10 are about giving way and the other 20 are about the road rules and drivers licence requirements. To pass you need to get at least 9 out of 10 correct in the give way section and 18 out of 20 in the road rules section. Don’t stress, however, you can take the test once a day. The only downside is you have to pay the test fee each time.

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