Around About Driving School – Driving Lessons Bribie Island

Our school provides expert instruction all over Bribie Island. We help our students move from a learner’s permit to a provisional licence quickly and confidently. Our specialty is first-time drivers, helping them become proficient and confident behind the wheel. Around About Driving School provides driving lessons throughout Bribie Island, taking every driver through the basics. Additionally, once ready we move on to the advanced skills required to pass and get out on their own.

Our driving lessons cover all the required manoeuvres, including parallel parking, reverse parking, hill starts, turnarounds, wet weather and more. We ensure each lesson is tailored to the ability of the individual driver. Our instructors will challenge our students without compromising safety.

Learning to drive can be a stressful experience and we take every measure to ensure our students are comfortable. We teach them to focus and remain calm rather than stress which helps them conquer their nerves and become confident and capable drivers. Our instructors are all highly trained, with vast experience dealing with new drivers. Consequently, they have a high level of patience which assists the students in remaining relaxed and in control in all situations.

Our lessons are available all over the island at a time that suits you. We have both male and female instructors, and students can choose to learn in either a manual or automatic transmission vehicle. Find out more about driving lessons Bribie Island-wide by calling us on 1800 224 333. Our friendly staff can help you choose a lesson time that suits your lifestyle and take your driving ambitions up a gear.