It is possible to obtain a driving instructor qualification, but it is difficult to find a good driving instructor. You need to have good interpersonal skills to be a great teacher. Here is a list that will help you go from an average driver trainer to an outstanding driver trainer.

LEARNERS – A good teacher is a great learner who actively seeks out new skills and knowledge. Teachers who are good at teaching learn more each day and improve their skills.

INITIATIVE – Great teachers are proactive! They don’t just follow a set of rules. They spot opportunities to learn and then act. They can spot potential problems before they occur and take action to prevent them. They encourage their students to take the initiative, not insist on following their instructions. Rather than insisting that students follow their questions and not ask them questions, they guide students to be curious and take responsibility for their actions.

FUN – Every student should have fun learning. A great driving instructor will make sure this happens. It is possible by using new ways of learning and teaching that grab students’ attention. It is important to have fun while learning. Learning is best when it’s fun.

ADAPTABLE – Great teachers make learning enjoyable and use different ways to deliver instructions. They also offer many learning opportunities. This encourages learning and interest. Good driving instructors also respond to their students’ needs. Great driver trainers respond to students’ needs and are available to answer questions and discuss topics that students are interested in.

TIME EFFICIENT: A good instructor will ensure that each student fully understands the assessment (the goal) and is efficient in helping them reach that goal. Great trainers won’t drag out the training and force students to take extra lessons if it is not necessary. Great instructors are patient with students who are weaker and won’t rush them. Great trainers will set the pace at which each student can learn.

INTUITIVE – The best driving instructors can sense when students need help. They are able to recognize when they are nervous, confused, stressed, or distracted.

No one wants to be in a space with an utter ogre, smelling of cigarettes, and with a negative attitude. Particularly a fragile learner or a frightened person who is just starting out on the road.

Good driving instructors can make the difference between an unforgettable experience and one that is just a memory.

Fun learning is the best way to learn, and that’s what a learner should feel the first time they get behind the wheel with an instructor. Everybody remembers their first driving lesson (no, not that one). A fun, friendly, and personable instructor can make all the difference.

Fun learning is key.

Every student learns best when they have fun. A great driving instructor will make sure this happens. Many learners will learn their first driving lesson. It is important that they feel comfortable and relaxed in the hands of an experienced instructor.

Driving instructors who are skilled at recognizing when students need help or are confused, anxious, stressed, distracted, or nervous can offer assistance. They don’t intimidate or scare students but rather guide them – always keeping a firm grasp of the pedal.

Driving instructors who are good at teaching patience understand that it is the details that count. Are you human or robotic?

Your instructor must be well-informed and have a thorough understanding of driving. This includes parallel parking, how to avoid incoming asteroids and how to keep them from colliding in the event that nuclear war happens.

Conversation is vital, and a good instructor should make it a priority to build a rapport and relationship with their learner. There is nothing worse than a long, awkward silence in the car following a poor attempt at banter.

It is important to have a good time with a learner and a driving instructor. However, it is important to have the right kind and appropriate banter. 

It’s a good thing that we allow our learners to choose their instructors based on team loyalty. This is genius!

Being with a great driving instructor is like being on a good tinder dating. You just wish it could last forever.

But not without the inevitable awkwardness.


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