When Should I Get Driving Lessons?

There are two ways to answer this. it depends what you mean. When in your driving journey or what time of day? Let’s start with which stage is best to start professional driving lessons in the driving journey.

Best Time in the Journey for Driving Lessons

Put simply there is no perfect time to get driving lessons. But we can recommend some good points to help you progress well and save you having to relearn things right before your test!

Right at the start is a good time. You will learn the correct technique from the start and with the Keys 2 Drive program your parents will be able to ask anything they need to know before taking you out themselves. After years of driving it’s natural to pick up some bad habits and we don’t want you to learn them as if they are correct. It makes it hard to undo what feels normal.

Half way through. The end is in sight! Now is a great time to get some more professional driving lessons check that your technique is still correct and ask any questions you have. Now that you’ve been driving for a while you’re passed the basics and can start expanding on your skills.

The final hours and before the test. You are so close to the finish line. Consider having a few more lessons before your test to iron out any issues and practice anything you are nervous about with a professional. You can also run through some mock tests so you know what to expect on test day.

Best Time of Day for Driving Lessons

Of course you should drive in as many conditions as you can while learning so you won’t run into anything new when you are driving solo. But when you are getting started, early morning is good. Before rush hour when the roads are quiet. Then you can move up to day time traffic between the morning and afternoon rush. There’s still traffic on the road but it’s not too busy.

Once you’ve dealt with small amounts of traffic you can start building up to highway driving. Eventually,¬†you will have to face traffic so try and hit a busy time when you’re ready. Remember that in the afternoon the sun drops to a very annoying spot that is impossible to fix with the shades so bring sunglasses!

Also important is night time driving. You must have 10 hours of night driving in your log book for it to be accepted.

Basically, the best times to drive and get lessons all come down to you and what you feel comfortable with. As long as you hit all kinds of conditions and practice your skills you’ll be fine.