Learner’s Licence

Gaining your Learner’s Licence is the first step you’ll need to take to begin your driving career. Before you get behind the wheel it’s important you’re well aware of all the road rules and risks. As well as the experience you’ll need to be a safe and capable driver. Don’t worry there’s lots of help available to get you through the test and out onto the road. If you have questions feel free to get in touch.

The Practical Test

To earn your Learner’s Licence you’ll need to pass the Road Rules test. This is a short exam that tests your knowledge of the road rules in Queensland. It’s important to know your stuff before you attempt the exam to increase your chances of passing on the first go. It’s a good idea to take the practice road rules test a few times before attempting the real thing. The more you study and practice the easier it will be to get it right when you start actually learning to drive.

Moving From Learner’s Licence to P Plates!

Before you are eligible to complete the practical driving test you need to have held your Learner’s Licence for at least one year. In that year you need to have completed 100 hours of on-road driving experience with an instructor or fully-licenced adult. That’s where we come in. Completing 100 hours of on-road experience means you will ideally have driven in all weather conditions and at various times of the day, showing that you are ready to move on to your P Plates.

You can find all the information you need about driving in Queensland on the Queensland Transport Website.